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ohhhhhh crap please someone tell me i didnt just make a huge mistake!

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yesterday i was trying to take off the heat shield on my bike and i didnt have the time like i thought so i rushed to put everything back together and then i went riding yesterday and today and then i relized i that the top bolt on the shield is missing...please tell me that as nothing to do with the exhaust and how things flow cuz i have no clue where it might be
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No it doesn't have anything to do with functionality of the exhaust system, it just holds on the heat shield.
If you want to replace any part you can find every part of this bike at bikebandit.com

When I tried to remove mine, I couldn't, so I painted the whole exhaust.
you couldnt get yours off either? i tried so hard today but i coulndt figure it out hhmm...
Screaming babbits says it is a

SKU: 92153-1800

go pick a 6x10 from the hardware store. Bring the one you have left to match up the threads!
Some of those bolts are locked on really tight, like the exhaust guard, and some are loose and will just fall out while you're riding like with the mirrors but you won't notice they're missing until their gone.
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