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official street fighter 250 to appear soon!

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have a butchers at that!

naaa am only joking, it isnt an official one; its photo shopped. Pretty nice tho ey? now it really does look like a mini zed :p
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wont b long till someone does this i rekon, make a street fighter out of em
Looks like a really sporty/aerodynamic Buell
i would liek to see that tail on the ninja 250r itll make it look sharper i think better lines....im sure u can do a swap :p i would do it
I like that alot!
i had to make it TINY so i could upload it....looks good though.
might be worth gettin some measurements and seeing what modification would be needed for it to fit and see how much it would cost cos it would look kick ass
Just wait til somebody wrecks and cracks all the fairings...
I hate the mirrors other than that looks cool. I wouldn't buy one.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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