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Not my bike

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Customer Ride from Tape Works...


I think she did a really good job with it...

Also, don't get mad at me but I can't make the image adder thing work
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You'll see that on the streets at night and say: What the... I'm seeing stars! BTW, Is that legal?
I don't see why the fuzz would be mad, unless they don't like the idea of a bunch of tiny moving stop signs haha
Can you imagine what a drunk driver would think if that person saw that at night. :eek:
Haha, that bike looks so fun! But I'd never do that to mine, lol, I don't need to be that noticeable until I'm actually a really good rider, which I'm guessing will take a couple years, lol.
Come on Maggie don't sell yourself short,it's like sex once you...never mind :p
Captain Scruffy said:
Come on Maggie don't sell yourself short,it's like sex once you...never mind :p
lol, pshaw pshaw, I know what my skills are, and they're not very good yet. lol, and what does sex have to do with it?
So you sex skill suck or your bike skills suck......cause your husband should be helping with both. haha
Oh fun,I like that bike since my real name is Starla. But I 'll keep the Hulk bike. It took the graphic shop about a month to get them to me. I am going to keep them on for a while. I wish I could afford custom paint but that would be way over the top.
Besides I can take these off when I get tired of them.

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Starla? How you end up with that?

$379 plus shipping for that star kit.

Maybe you could try this then...


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If they had those as just shadow or like ghost colors... I guess light green or somthing... It wouldn't look bad. I don't surf enough though to make that kind of commitment.
Felix said:
Starla? How you end up with that?
$379 plus shipping for that star kit.
Sister is Carla, yes childhood hell. PEOPLE please think when you name your kids!!

The flowers are too much yikes. the stars are fun but would get old quick.
yea a " girl" I am on the Magsters side.
But what is funny I have been riding since you were a baby. It is so weird to me to be grown up. My husband and I did not want have kids so I think we never grew up!
way more fun that way. I see people our age and they are sooooo old. whatever.

Hulk sickers, ninjas rollerskates at least 2 times a week , yes we never grew up

So glad we got the new bikes.

I don't like the Cop attention factor, didn't have that on the old ninja. Already pulled over once to " check endorsement" boy was he deflated when I raised my sheild and said Yes i am endorse for 25 years now. Picked up a cop yesterday Big cop u turn , he finally got bored and went away.
Then again we have squids making it hard for everyone with their freaking highway antics. wheels and blocking lanes. WTF .
SW Did you read about the one guy on Friday Morning going 150 mph because he was late to work. That is 100 miles over the limit and he only will get a 600 dollar fine. Christ he did not even have an endorsement. off with his head!!! said the queen.
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I thought you got your license revoked for breaking 100 on a public highway
lol :D

revoked ???? < i never had a licence to start with.
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