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ninja killer?

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so apparently yamiha is making a 250cc sportbike to compete with the ninja
i dont know much about this cause its still in the works but if anyone else has any info im curious..
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I think there's a picture of it somewhere on here, its a 250cc yammy streetfighter. real ugly. i can't remember where it was posted though.
its not out yet its supposed to look like their YZF-R125 but with a 250 in it but it isnt in production yet
yeah I've read about it also (similar to a YZF-R125 but 250 engine). For me it's just internet rumors. Not sure about this because I think it would just kill the YZF-125.
There is already a killer 125
If they make a 250 race replica instead of a learner bike we will bi in for a treat. upside down fork radial brakes and 50 hp all under 300 lb would cost as much as a 600 so I doubt it will happen but we can dream.[/img]


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yeah i heard about that too its gonna look like a mini r6 its to be better than the 250r but its all in paper so that dont mean nothing cant wait to see it, i think honda or suzuki is also jumping in with the 250 machine, i read a article about it its how i know sonce the new launch of the 250r style and sales for kawi where great other companies wanna compete!


No way would I buy that piece of crap ugly yamaha lol. I dont like the style, i dig streetfighters but not something like that. Thats just hideous. I'll go with the kawasaki over the yamaha any day of the week.
There is also rumors of a Suzuki 2 fiddy.


The photo Cody posted is of a Yamaha Fazer, which is a naked bike, not a street fighter.

In countries like England one cannot ride a bike bigger than 125cc on learner's license. Here in New Zealand law says no more than 250cc on learner's license, so, the YZF-R250 would make sense here.
Well, god bless the USA!! lol
virtualmatrix258 said:
Well, god bless the USA!! lol
hahaha i like the new idea of the yami making a 250 and also suzuki, that means kawi is gona have to step it up maybe we will see "two rotors" on the front wheel hahahah! plus their will be even more parts for aftermarket tuning im sure!
i think the little "R6" looks alright...but did someone mention gixxer with a 125 or 250 engine?? gixxer looks kinda chubby...i think it'll look kinda strange with a small engine.
Why doesn't Suzuki bring back the rgv? I kno it's a 2-stroke, is it because of emissions? We def. need some more competition in the 1/4liter department. It would be better for everyone, including kawi. They'd have to step up their game.
is 2-stroke banned from north america or the whole world?
i heard they have more power, true?
Some two strokes are banned. There are a few scooter companies that still make limited numbers . A four stroke engine makes power on one of its four revolutions a two stroke makes power every other revolution. generally twice as much power per cc.
To give you an idea of the difference in power. They stopped racing two stroke GP bikes. the 125cc two stroke is being replaced with a 250 four stroke . The 250 cc two strokes are being replaced with 600cc four strokes.
darkhorse said:
A four stroke engine makes power on one of its four revolutions a two stroke makes power every other revolution. generally twice as much power per cc.
In few words, a 2-stroke engine makes power twice as fast as a 4-stroke engine. Unfortunately, emission laws everywhere made it hard (if not impossible) for 2-stroke engines to get certified. I think that's pretty much it.

Aprilia RS250 FTW!
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