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Just on the look it's one of the best looking one I've seen. I would like to read about the mod's listed. It looks to have a load. Reverse front forks, etc. Then again, it must have cost a lot of money for just a 250cc bike.

Oh god.. I'm so jealous!

Awesome man! Loving the decals aswell!
Wow. That is gorgeous.
If i wanted to spend thousands modifying my 250, that's exactly how i would do it.
Looking good! And magazine coverage? Nice.


WOW, Thats brilliant....
sick bike!

Is Moto Bike an Indonesian publication only? I couldn't find it through google. Am I dysfunctional?

I either need the full magazine write-up, or be able to get a copy of that specific mag. I want to do that to my ninja, so I need to find all the mods/upgrades. I'm also a media studies student, and this would help a lot with one of my projects. Thanks!
damn, i just noticed the twin front rotors as well......i'll keep dreaming!
Hi all,

I am one of the Ninja rider from Indonesia. Moto Bike is fairly new magazine and lately it's been publishing a lot of things you can do to the Ninja 250R, being the hot breed bike here.

You can get carbon prints on the plastic panels, front and rear fender, or rear hugger for less cost than the real carbon. Last time I asked is about 25 bucks per panel.

Yeah, we love body modification here. Some of them even modify (not replace) the swing arm to look very much like a Suzuki GSX-600 swing arm.

Guess we are lucky here, lots of options for fiberblass cover to transform the look of the tank, rear fender, even to cover the swing arm to look more muscled...

Think this may be a thing to consider that can rake lots of bucks ....
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Wow, that's really cool. Thanks for the pics and the info!
nice bike man, looks real good clean! yeah we got a stunt rider! welcome
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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