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Ninja Exhaust Hanger-- Aftermarket for 08-09

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hope it is ok to bump this, Now that there are more bikes and cowls out there.
is that yours ? That looks great ! Hey where is your brake cozy haha!
Yeah thats my "Custom Painted Zartan Special Edition Hanger". I still love the look of the bike with it on. Better looking then the other ones i've seen produced.

That pic was taken the day I stuck it on, didn't get the cozy until couple of weeks later :p And now my camera phone is stuffed, so no more pics :( might have to go out and buy a 'real' digital camera.


I love the Exhaust Felix, and the Exhaust hanger is a nice complement.

So can I have one Zartan pretty pretty please?
That looks amazing! It really does highlight the attributes of your bike. Who knew such a little piece would make such a huge difference!

I really do dig the hanger!
Hey guys and gals, I am offering free in-USA shipping on the hanger until xmas. That's 8 bucks off!

Oh zartan, just so that you know, I went to my dealership today, they LOVED the bracket... I pointed them in your direction. They loved the bike in general, they had'nt seen someone so much work into a 250r before (I dont even think I have). So another +1 for the bracket.


I don't think they realize how cool these 250's are! Thanks for the word!
hey Zartan,
do you have the stock model exhaust on your ninja or a different exhaust?
and if it is something else, have you ever been pulled over for an inspection or anything.. because i read that the WA RCW said no mods for exhaust "which will amplify or increase the noise emitted by the engine".. but, seriously? :-\
have you had any problems with that? just curious. thanks.
don't jinx me ;) I have been pulled over but he didn't say anything about the pipe.
i see.
oh haha. sorry, sorry - *knock on wood*
I want one just to hangup in my kitchen lol
virtualmatrix258 said:
I want one just to hangup in my kitchen lol
hahah lol
Hey!! New Ninja guys and gals I have 4-5 exhaust hangers I would consider 2nd's due to minor, minor cosmetic stuff. slight run in the coating etc..
I am selling them with the hardware kit of course for $50 usd including shipping. that is $18.00 off the normal of 60+ shipping 8.00

(60.00 shipped international.)
but PM me and I will set you up with a paypal invoice.. don't order off the site because the button there does not have a discount nor does the ebay site.
So did I here that right one with MINOR defects are FREE? jk lol

Someone will snatch those up from you Zartan, Good Luck!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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