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Installed Sport Bars to try them out.. We will see how it goes
,,, and yes I had the Throttle sticking problem but fixed that by re-adjusting the setting screws. I Do Not have an issue with going into full lock, I also Do Not have the issue with anything hitting the wind screen.
The only issue I have thus far is the Brake banjo hitting which I'll take care of on the next fluid change.
Oh and the fact I can't test drive yet with all this damn snow



Only Problem; Ill fix when I change brake fluid: (yes i see that damn little BUG, haven't figured out how to get it out of there yet)

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One of the single best modifications to do to the 650R!
Well done!

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The 2012 sportbars from ninja650shop are finally here.

Introducing the much anticipated 2012 Ninja 650 Sport Bar Kit!

New for 2012, this sport bar kit uses a riser bracket to prevent the bars smashing against the headlight fairing and airbox cover. brackets, clamps and tubes are CNC machined out of solid billet aluminum, then anodized a durable black finish. Stainless steel hardware is provided with the purchase of this sport bar kit.

You will see a drop of 2 inches over the stock handlebars. Your weight will also be moved up and over the front wheel by 2 1/2 inches more than the stock bar. This will lead to a more direct and solid steering input, with more of the rider weight over the front of the bike as used in race applications.

The only modification needed to install this sport bar kit is a simple flip your brake master cylinder banjo bolt as shown below:

As seen from the photos below, the steering is able to turn from Lock to Lock without any part of your controls touching either your windscreen or tank, when properly installed.

Each kit includes:
  • All needed hardware
  • Handlebar Clamp
  • Handlebar Tubes (Left and Right)
  • Detailed Instructions

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