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Hey guys, so I bought a Ninja 650 for $1,000 with only 200 miles on it. It was about 13 years old, and I knew it was really neglected, but it seemed like a good deal for a winter project so I went for it. Along the way I've been making a few youtube videos documenting everything from bringing it home to the first time (discovered a mouse lived in it), trying to get it started for the first time (discovered it had an alarm system the owner didn't give me a keyfob for), draining the old gas out (surprisingly no surprises), and most recently, doing an oil change (discovered the filter was stuck on and not coming loose).

Here's the link to the video in case you ever find yourself with an oil filter that won't come off. It's only 7 steps. I figure most people here probably already know what to do, but misery loves company right?


Cheers guys, ride safe.

Update: Hmm, not sure if it's my ultra widescreen or just the way the forum is setup but the video looks kinda goofy for me. If the video isn't working for you or you just prefer old school text-and-picture walkthroughs to read/scroll through, I did a write up here if that's more helpful: https://www.youmotorcycle.com/how-to-kawasaki-ninja-650r-oil-change.html
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