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I have a choice to buy a 2013 ninja300 with only 360 miles on it and a 2007 ninja650 with about 8000 miles on it. Both are very clean and are sold from private parties. They each want $3.000 dollars for the bike.

I was actually surprised how big that 300 was, because I used to own a 05 ninja 250 and one could tell that it was a 250. But not so with the 300, it's almost as big as the 650.
My other concern was that the 300 might not be fast enough but than I read that the top speed of the 300 was 106 mph. I know they are not made for the interstate, but does anybody know if you can still drive comfortable with 65 mph on a ninja 300?

I'd appreciate if someone with experiences with both bikes could help me make a decision.

Thanks :popcorn:

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I went with a 2015 650 after riding a friends 300 and am very happy with it. The extra power is most welcome on the freeway and ready helps with a passenger. I also love being able to win up to 70 mph in second gear! The top speed of the 650 is about 130mph.

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I have a 2012 650......
Much needed for interstate driving.....
Compared to a 250-300.....
I went with differant gearing on the 650 to get rid of the high rpms....
one more in front.....2 less rear......:thumb:
Ialso went from a 520 chain n sprockets to a 530 setup 4 longer life.


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300 for highway depends on your weight
300 for knee down leads
300 for a fun exciting ride (easy to learn requires a strong mind)
You will get ahead of traffic
Excellent on curves

650 for speed (very fast)
650 will not be that great on knew down leads
650 for an breathtaking ride (requires full focus and advanced driving skills)
You will outrun lots of cars (sports cars and some exotics)
Not that great on curves

Over all it depends on you

I drive a 300 (I weigh 127 pounds 5'3 and its alot of speed for me)
I love it


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I have a 650.....:popcorn:
I have no problems keeping up with the 636's on twistys....:thumb:
I run pilot road 3 tires....:thumb:
It's the straight stretches they loose me.....:eek:
I stick with them till around 100 MPH then they pull away...:facepalm:
I'm 215 pounds....Naked...LOL...:whistling:
The 250 n 300 will be much more fun on tite twistys tho.....:thumb:
Lighter bike....
Interstate travel....650 not a problem at all.....80-140 MPH...:dance:
300....? I hear very buzzy at high speed.....80+.........:rolleyes:
Insurance would probley be the same with both.....ur age..?..:eek:
Fuel mileage...300 ?.....650... 50-65 depending how ur gunna treat the beast....:whistling:
Myself.......I really enjoy my 650.........:dance:

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