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nice parked shot!

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just thought it looked clean parked today when I was out for lunch. <br />

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Nice shot, you dont have to park rear wheel to the kerb there?

God I wish we had that blue here!


Umm, I'm sure it would be the same down there, but up here you have to park with the rear wheel to the kerb when on the street.


Ahwell. I'm just happy I don't live in Queensland, Bike laws up there are bullshit.
Hehe, in what respect ratty? I'm downloading a copy of the road rules to check.

I'm sure they have a perfectly good reason for the rule brad :p

Must be tooting crack again, looks like it can be either, I swear it had to be the rear wheel.

When parking a motorbike or moped, position at least one wheel as close as possible
to the kerb. Park a motorbike with the sidecar parallel to the kerb. You must obey the
parking rules.

Queensland laws I'm especially fond of;
Must of held Automobile P's for 12 month period before Bike License is allowed
Restricted to 250CC for the period of probationary and permit motorcycle license (3 years-ish)
No passengers, AT ALL under 8 years old.
No passengers before 12 months of license.

There's 1 or two more that're just as good, But I don't recall them.
Yeah guess they all do suck, glad my lic will be judged before the changes.

"There to protect us"


haha what are you doing by the movie theatres!

anyways im about to get my ninja 250r hopefulyl within the next month or so, let me know where you got your bike, since we live in teh same area and all.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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