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Hehe, in what respect ratty? I'm downloading a copy of the road rules to check.

I'm sure they have a perfectly good reason for the rule brad :p

Must be tooting crack again, looks like it can be either, I swear it had to be the rear wheel.

When parking a motorbike or moped, position at least one wheel as close as possible
to the kerb. Park a motorbike with the sidecar parallel to the kerb. You must obey the
parking rules.


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Queensland laws I'm especially fond of;
Must of held Automobile P's for 12 month period before Bike License is allowed
Restricted to 250CC for the period of probationary and permit motorcycle license (3 years-ish)
No passengers, AT ALL under 8 years old.
No passengers before 12 months of license.

There's 1 or two more that're just as good, But I don't recall them.
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