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Next Week...

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My bike is supposed to be in this week and I Have all my evening/afternoons off. I'm shooting for a thousand miles by Sunday. HA!
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Yea, 1000 miles. HAHA.....wait, you've been on here for how long? what about that pic on your profile. Who are you, what.
Haha that's just me on a bike at the dealership, I got my g/f to take it so I could show folks what I'll be getting soon, and so they can see green is the best color, DUH! I actually think I joined like the day after I put my deposit down...
1,000 won't be hard. i've put 2,500 + in three months i can't stop riding the dang thing it's too addicting.
Awesome. Just Awesome. I can't wait!
Good news and bad news. Good news first, I got a bike! Bad news, it's not a new 250. I picked up my '97 ZX-6 Today, spent 6 1/2 hours driving, a full tank of gas, and got lost once or twice, but here she is!

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how muhc you pay? back brake rotor= rust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah I only paid 2500 for it, and I'm taking it to the shop tomorrow and getting them to replace all the used up worn out junk, tune it, fluids, filters, etc... everything
Oh yeah and he threw in a motorcycle cover, shoei rf900 that matches the bike, and a Joe Rocket Phoenix 4.0 Jacket. I think I made out pretty well.

P.S., if you're wondering, it's f*cking LOUD, and yes, it does make the girls wet. Haha nasty!
Sweet, good to hear your rolling...


ahahah now paint it green!!!! LOL Sweet deal bro, I see alot of those.
If you want my place in line you can have it!
hell yeah, where r u located?? what was the otd price?? who do i need to call??
CSBrad said:
If you want my place in line you can have it!
lol what about your deposit
Sounds like a great deal. Looks like a great bike. I wouldn't worry about the rust on the rotors. Hit the breaks a few times and its gone.
Yea I was worried cause it wouldn't start, but I just ran the battery down, trying to start on an empty tank. :p I did come to find out there's a small leak in the gastank :-[ Should be able to fix it when I take it in to get it serviced tuesday. And Dave, as to my place in line, it's free to the first bidder, and Delmarva Powersports in Salisbury, MD
Congrats on your bike bro, Hope its all up to scratch soon.

Thats where mine is now, Supposed to have it back Thursday now. Should be the last hiccup.
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