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It's been a couple years since adopting this community after the previous owner was no longer able to care for the community. With the birth of our second child a year ago, the amount of time I have available to help support all the communities I work with dwindled (those of you who are parents will know the feeling). Earlier this year I decided the most responsible path forward was to find someone with the resources to properly care for our forum. I approached a respected colleagues of mine who owns Motorcycle.com about acquiring our community along with a couple other motorcycle forums I own. Last month we reached an agreement, it's time to pass the torch, our community is now part of the Motorcycle.com network of websites..

As a person who has been working with online forum communities over the last 10 years I am keenly aware how special and unique each community is. It's critical that we not disrupt the ambiance and vibe we have developed here, the Motorcycle.com team are on the same page and this change will be seamless. The crew at Motorcycle.com are expert forum folks and I am 100% confident they will continue to run the community in a nearly identical fashion as Social Knowledge has.

Our amazing team of mods and admins will remain unchanged and will continue to be empowered to manage the community as they have been in years past.

Please give a warm welcome to Mo from Motorcycle.com who will be here working with our team.

Kind Regards,

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