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newninja Meet!

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I would love to have our first newninja meet sometime in the near future, but I know we are all somewhat spread out across the country (and world). If you are interested in coming please post where you live, and we can try to come up with a place within a reasonable distance.

I am in Phoenix, AZ
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Australia, So if we can like.. Meet in Melbourne, That'd be great lol.
Sure Ratty! Thats where it is...haha. Well StockWall and korykerley seem close to each other(depending on what you mean by northwest). Nobody in Cali, nevada, new mexico, colorado?
Ratty I visited Melbourne last year. I have a good friend who lives there. He lives in South Yarra i think is what it was called. Loved the city and also loved Sydney. Goooo Kangos. Ha
I sincerely hope you tried a kangeroo steak while you were here. :p
Yes I believe i did. ate it at some restaurant on Sydney Harbour. We climbed the bridge too.
Can't say I've been to Sydney, But im happy you tried kangeroo. :-D
Hey Cory (kory) where in the northwest are you?
sweet, im across the water here in port orchard. we should meet up and ride one day.
Anybody wanna come to the east coast? Skyline drive? Blue Ridge Parkway?
i wud be down my bike should be in at the end of the month
korykerley said:
i wud be down my bike should be in at the end of the month
May I suggest Indianapolis? Its the "Cross roads of America" not to mention the "Race capitol of the world." This year is the inaugural RED BULL MOTOGP on Sept 14. http://www.redbullindianapolisgp.com/
NORTH EAST - Alliance, Ohio

Rain in the "Summer" then hell freezes over for 10 months
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