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NewNinja.com MEET at the GP Moto Superbike races!!

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So, anyone up for a NEWNINJA.COM meet?!?!?!

The SuperSport bike races are in Utah, like every year in May, and I think we should do a meet. I am already planning on making the trip there. The dates are May 28th to 30th.

Anyone interested in making this an Official Meet??
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Re: GP Moto Superbike races!!

I'm keen, if I cant get the bike there can I ride 2up with you? :p


Re: GP Moto Superbike races!!

Bit far for me....if you do go make sure you take tons of pics
Re: GP Moto Superbike races!!

I will. Its a pretty central place. Hopefully members wont mind a 3,8,10 hour trip. I think mine is gonna be 16 hours total. Of course split up between 3 days.
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