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Hi all, I just snagged a 1989 600r. To be fair it is in need of a whole bunch of maintenance. This is not going to be a quick simple project. Note in the pictures the wisely chosen and selective use of color matching duct tape. And yes. There’s more. Shoestrings at the seat holding side fairings on as well.
First thing is to get the bike sorted and running well. I can worry about aesthetics later.
Idk why I chose this At any rate. I hope to be doing a lot of reading here before ANY work starts on this bike. One project at a time right. I have an old 750 seca I’m doing atm. I expect this ninja to be on the lift and in full restoration mode in the fall. Ya just gotta buy them when they’re priced correctly

Between my wife and I this will now be bike #8.
Daily riders are for us.....She has a Harley sportster and I have a 98 Connie 1000. Love that bike. Her Harley. Ehh. Whatever I guess. We aren’t loyal to one mfr. we like all bikes
So much for the intro. Thanks to all who will be helping in advance with knowledge. I do appreciate it


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