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Newbie from AZ

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Wsup everyone, my name is Kyle and I'm from Arizona. I have a 2008 ZX6-R Monster Edition that I just bought. I had two bikes prior to this that I sold. I started with a CBR 600 F2 then I sold that and bought a GSXR-750 SRAD. When I relocated to AZ I sold that one and got the Ninja. I love riding and with the weather as nice as it is in AZ I am glad I have the opportunity to ride most of the year. Are there any other AZ riders on here!?
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me too

I live in Gilbert AZ.I agree that the weather here is perfect for riding.I have a new 250 that I have not ridden yet.I bought the bike at the begining of June but did not use it due to finances.I put fuel stabilizer in the gas but apparently did not run it enough.The engine would not idle because the carbs got gummy.Even with the stabilizer in the tank it still varnished up.I had to have the dealer pick it up on a trailer to haul it to the shop for repairs.Brand new and already the carbs have been off.NOT HAPPY!!A stupid waste of money that I can't afford.Do you go to the Scottsdale Pavillions on Saturday nights?
Welcome Zonies...:) I am new too but from San Diego. Post up some pics of those bikes, yo!
Hey imma be in scottsdale this weekend message me or email me to look me up on fb here it is [email protected]
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