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New Stuff Came In

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Well my shipment came in from motorcycle-superstore.com and I am very excited to say that i am quite pleased with the Icon Hooligan pants i ordered. They fit great at the waist and the length is perfect as to not ride up away from your boot while on the bike, and did i mention they fit great? haha im just excited.

The icon primer tank bag i bought, I thought it was gonna be a bit bigger but surprisingly i was able to stuff all my items i carry to work and home into it and still have a little more room for lunch's. it also has straps for use as a backpack, or you can just use the carry handle on top of it, which works too, the magnets hold really well and i was quite happy with it overall.

My red iridium shield also came in for my Gmax gm68s cruisader helmet, and it fit as good as the clear and smoked lens, only now hot girls on the streets cant see me watching them and not the car in front of me... haha just kidding everyone, i am a very cautious drive and know when i can check out and not check out... :D ;)

and my progrip gel grips as well, i orderd the black on black cuz i plan on painting my bike and it wont stay red so the red on black wouldnt do it, so anyway, i found out that kawasaki is a bunch of jerks, haha, they put thread locker on the stupid phillip head bolts that screw in the bar ends and i had to use my impact to remove em and wrecked the heads on em cuz they again are stupid phillip head... who does that? so now i need to find some new ones or buy different bar ends... i dont know yet, but so far i like the grips, more comfortable than the stockers.

so here is a pic that i just plopped together for yall... hope you like it.

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nice gear! How is that tank bag? are they better than carrying a backpack? ive been wanting to get one!
i like the back pack keeps my shirt down when riding fast! but the tank bag would be a plus to carry more stuff!
Good work!

How you rate the grips?


Well thanks for all your comments, i appreciate em.

being the first day i used the tank bag to go to work, i absolutely LOVED it. the straps on the backpack were so annoying over my leather jacket that i hated wearing it, the tank bag is much better, and stays put where it should. I was quite surprised at how much it actually holds, i was able to stuff a pair of shorts, a shirt, my gps, the suction cup for the gps, the charger for my gps, phone, and ipod, my ipod, ipod remote, my blue tooth, my kickstand puck, a pair of socks, a marker, a pen, my knife, my cellphone holster, a bandana, my gloves, a microfiber towel, and the backpack straps it came with. despite the looks of it, it actually grows quite well when you stuff it in and after zipped it seems to want to hold more. Overall I am so glad i spent the measly $50 on it. well worth it.

I dont have the shirt problem as i always wear my leather jacket!!! ALL THE GEAR ALL THE TIME!

The Grips are nice, at first they seem really squishy but after on they are a bit more firm, but they feel good to me, they are a little more sticky ( grippy ) i dont know a good adjective... rubbery? but none the less it wasnt a waste of money. And i went to my local fastener store that specialize in these things, and i picked up some good allen (hex) head bolts for my bar ends and they work so much better than those stupid phillip head ones. and without locktite ( thread locker ) they arent going anywhere... i dont know why they put it there from stock...
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i like the bag, going to get one! thanks for the info!
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