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New seat cowl

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Tell me what youse think.

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I had this posted somewhere else but no one gave me eny feed back.
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I believe this is posted in the wrong forum section, but it looks nice. Do they make one for an 07 zx6r?
It sead site news, lol its kinda news,and i haveno idea, ebay?
Pat92 said:
It sead site news, lol its kinda news,and i haveno idea, ebay?
What brand is it?
Not realy shore, the guy i bought the bike off gave it to me, it had never been on the bike cos there wasent a way to mount it so i used a realy strong magnet, so i think its a cheep ebay one
It looks like a genuine Kawasaki seat cowl, and it comes with a separate mounting kit that uses the lock that normally holds the rear seat in place.
The guy you brought it from possibly lost the fitting kit.
Try contacting your local Kawasaki dealer and they can source one for you if you don't think the magnet will hold.
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If these help, yea it does youse the old lock
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Yea i think the magnet will hold
Go to your local bike garages/dealers/places they may have the bits there, when I got my bike and seat cowl separate from each other, I didn't have the rubber but that holds the back of the seat cowl down so it was constantly making noises, went to get my exhaust put on and they found the rubbery part to put in :) win for me :)
Looks like the rubber grommet is the only thing you are missing. The rubber gromet secures the peg at the rear of the cowel. The trick is that the gromet is only for the cowl, so when you want to put the pillion on you have to pop the gromet out first, hence, they tend to get lost. Not to mention they roll into the weirdest parts of your garage...

Looks really good on you bike BTW.
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