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Whats up everyone!? Im new to bikes and the Ninja family. Im very happy and excited to be a member and hope to learn a lot from everyone here! picked up an 08 250r from my brother in law for a really good deal. ($200 USD) It has 135k on the odometer, but it wasnt well kept. It survived several drops, sat for a long time, and basically lived outside at the mercy of the weather...

I love it though! And im super excited to get my hands dirty with a project bike! To date, ive given it a decent wash, changed the spark plugs, changed oil + filter, lightly cleaned the carbs, lubed cables and gave it a little love.

So right now im dealing with a bit of throttle hanging.. she idles at around 1300 rpm, when warm but if i blip the throttle it will hang at around 2000-3000rpm before dropping slowly. Sometimes it revs on its own too.. any ideas? Vacuum leak or dirty carbs?

*ps* air filter (K&N) was crushed and torn by previous owner during install, could that cause this issue or part of it? Gotta pick up a manual as soon as i can!

Thanks again everyone!
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