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new ninja arrived!

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new ninja came in a week ago. just runnin up some km's on it now..
best dam fun i could ever imagine an have no regrets wat so ever..
if this works... im obviously the one on the ninja on the right 8)

sorry if the pics too big.. will post smaller ones shortly.

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Nice! Congrats!

Go Team Black! How many km's you clocked up on her so far?

Is that a Honda CBR125R?


uh it came last tuesday.. around 680k's now just tryin to get my first service out the way..
yea the other bikes a honda cbr 125
Nice! congrats on the new bike! I hope I get one soon. Looks like I'll have to ride in the cold weather :(
Grats on the bike man!
And nice hair too.
Congrats man, you will love the bike. I agree with ratty nice hair. how long it take you to grow that? everytime mine gets like 3 inches or so im like "its too long then i cut it off, and im like dammit why did i cut it" haha... but anyhoo ride safe and enjoy.
cheers guys. had my dreads for around 2 1/2 years now.
growin it for 3 prior to gettin it locked..
i think you either like havin long hair or just learn to deal with it haha.
many a time were i wanted to resort to the clippers but held back.. :)
often wonder wat size helmet i coulda fitted in without em too ;D
Do they wave in the wind like a bastard and slap your back while riding? or do they just chill there all cool and relaxed like?
haha i can feel the odd dread smack off my back! an thats with my leather jacket
really only wen im given it to it, an everynow n then you see them float around in the shadows doin all weird shit. but there pretty good. just sit ther haha
I'm like the polar opposite, skinhead... come to think of it, i can almost grab some hair, time for shave!


haha awesom. nearly went for it yesterday. some days are the biggest pain in the ass..
yesterday, bein one of em!
i sported the old shaved head for a few years thinken of it again purely for helmet reasons.
helemts fine n all an cosy as all hell. but i just curious as to wat other sizes n shapes are out ther haha ;D
This thread is unreal, hair fashion by male Ninja riders! LOL. Dreads look cool but they stink, one of my best mates has dreads, I just don't know how his partner puts up with them. Anyway, looking good on the bike with the dreads sticking out of the helmet dude. Haha.
So hows the Ninja hold up against the CBR?


Felix said:
So hows the Ninja hold up against the CBR?

Silly Question Felix, dont you know that the 250r will beat anything out there... including a zx14... :D

But no really, i would like to know more about the cbr as well, only cuz i have never seen one as a 125...
ah. well. with all respect to those who have one.. or want to buy one.
push bike with fairings (well little fairings it does have) , probably best way to describe..
uh not really any balls wat so ever. but in its defense .. it'd be lovely stepping stone for a bigger bike ;D

uh an looks nice tho.
They do have a bit of a pushbike vibe to them. I sat on one at the motorshow, it just felt silly. I'm way to big for one.


do they have 125cc race class you could use it in? that might be a little more interesting...
Not against RS125... that thing would get smoked i'm guessing.


yea pretty sure the aprilias run that show..
on the topic of racing... motogp? superbikes? .. who do we all back in the races these days?!
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