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New member QLD, Australia.

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Hi guys & girls.
I live in sunny QLD, Australia. I'm female, LOVE sportsbikes, riding is my passion & have some of the most awesome twisty mountain roads Rossi is my hero, love watching MotoGP, WSBK, IOM TT, enjoy photography, fashion, have pet snakes & a puppy & love a Corona with lime :dance:
I just bought my first Kawasaki, 2011 Ninja 250R. I got her from the auctions as a repairable write-off with only has 185 kilometers on the clock & a smashed in face (front end lol) :eek: So I thought I would join a kawasaki forum so I could learn about my new toy. I figured since I am not working at the moment, I would get a project bike to tinker with. I generally do all the maintenance on my bikes-anything I cannot do I leave it for the experts. The baby Ninja is my first project bike. I have already learnt heaps & will learn a great deal more.

I have owned a couple of bikes & ridden for 7 years. I had a Honda CBR250RR for 5 years - my first bike & loved that little bike :)

Babyblade at the track.
I upgraded over 2 years ago & bought a 2008 Honda CBR600RR Ten Kate Sports 8 Hannspree replica - like James Toselands WSBK 2007.
My pride & joy :thumb:

at the track.

This is the little Ninja.



I stripped all the broken bits off her the day I bought her home from the auctions, degreased & washed her, got her going ;D
I have sourced a new headlight assembly, have custom fairings ordered, as well as rearsets, CNC/pazzo look levers & other pretty parts for her.
Will have some more pictures of progress in a few weeks :dance:
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Hey Tusrico, welcome to NN!..Thanks for the great intro and the pics. Holy cow on the track!!! Good luck with your project bike, you'll find tons of info here.

Great photo's...

We've got a bit in common, same trailer, same state, pet snakes... don't suppose you like scorpions?


Welcome girl! We should have this listed as the perfect way to introduce yourself! It's got everything, details about yourself, your interests and more importantly, PICS!!!!

Love that CBR600RR, one was available for sale at my local shop, but there was no way I was going to start on that bike! Well done!
Thanks for the welcome guys!
BlackBoar, I've found heaps heaps of info on here already :)
Felix I think scorpions are awesome little critters ;)
Zandit, I spent 5 years on a 250 before I upgraded - totally worth it :thumb:

As for posting photo's, I love photography, so I have heaps to post ;D
Welcome! Indeed, fantastic intro! Glad to have you here... Sounds like we can stand to learn a few things from you instead of the other way around... so welcome indeed!

Also, I'm dying to ask, but is that YOUR butt in your avatar?
:welcome2:Welcome!! We need more women enthusiasts !!
You are the SHE FELIX!! :)

Spooph.. I was gonna ask you the same thing about your avatar. *snicker*;D>:D;D
I crack myself up... :)
Also, I'm dying to ask, but is that YOUR butt in your avatar?
nope :nonono: :angel:
welcome Turisco...nice to know you...;)

the little ninja is a mess, but will wait the result of your project...:D
Spooph.. I was gonna ask you the same thing about your avatar. *snicker*;D>:D;D
I crack myself up... :)
That would be an affirmative dear lady.... :D

nope :nonono: :angel:
haha, right oh.

Keep us posted on the ninja project... It's always nice to see another member of the family growing... And being that you play on the track, more of those pics would be fantastic as well! :thumb: Glad to have you here!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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