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So i finally got a saturday off work and persuaded my dad to take me bike gear shopping (there aren't many bike gear shops near where i live so it is about an hours drive to the nearest place).
So there were 2 shops i wanted to go to that were in the same general area they are both the same shop but sell different gear / bike brands.
So after an hours drive and some Maccas breakfast we get to the first store and i tried on some jackets / helmets and none really seemed to appeal to me or fit me the way i wanted.
So we head off to the second store and notice there is another bike gear store right next to it so we went inside to check it out and they had Dainese jackets on sale from AU$900 to AU$599 (thats US$430) and just by looking at them i HAD to try them on.
And needless to say no other jacket in the other 2 stores even got a second glance from me after trying on the Dainese jacket.

So anyway here re some pics


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Kinda retro, I'm looking for a new jacket right this second to :p Want something that I can wear out fashionable to, instead of the one I have now which looks like I've just walked off a race track (still love it).


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