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This is my new helmet just wanted to let you guys know what I thought about it.

Build is great. All linings remove very easy and better still go back in to place with no bunching off any fabric and with no hassle very easy to do. The visor is nice and wide giving good arcs of view. It looks in place in the down position. The catch isn't in view when locked down. But could distract when the visor is cracked open. Visor release is very fast and simple.Raise visor pull triggers pops out. To put back in line up and click in takes less than 10 secs to do. The lining feels great soft and comfy. The cushioning is thick and soft. Air flow on the chin vent is good can feel air circulating as soon as it's opened. The vents on top I find are okay. When fully open you can tell they are open but I don't find the flow amazing. Good just not amazing. The finish on all the different colours I looked at where amazing. I choose the Lorenzo graffiti rep and can't fault it stunning paint work and beautiful. I have however read online that this helmet didn't score great on side impact testing although did score well on all other tests. I can't fault this helmet it's great. Feels comfy. Looks fantastic great vale for money.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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