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New from oklahoma

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Hello names joe from oklahoma, got my 2011 250 se back in march and just now found this site, lol.

some pics of the bike.

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Welcome Tuquik, good to see you done the right thing and posted pics!!!

So you are a car tuner as well? We're starting to get more of you guys on here!!
Thanks, yea the ninja is my daily and the 240 is my track car.

Nice 240... love the sticker on the Ninja!


Sha! Some cool stuff here! How did you get it underneath the semi?
Thanks for the welcome guys, and I got off the bike kneeled down and rolled it under it, only thing it hit was the right mirror as I set it on the kickstand, was about 2 mm away from the top of the windscreen, i didnt think it was gunna fit, lol.
Also, I don't have a smart phone that can scan your avatar, what is it for?
It sends you to a link of a picture of trollface, lol.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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