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New, from Kansas!

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Hello! I'm almost 17, and I've had my (2000) 250 for about a year and a half now.
Both of my parents ride so I have great influence from them. Mom and dad both are Yamaha fans, each have an r6. I'm the only one who had a Kawasaki and I looooove it.

I'm here 'cause I want to learn more about my bike and such. :D
Nice to meet y'all!
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Witch said:
Ever ride their r6's?
no, not yet. i want to though!
all I can tell you is what they tell me: it's "smooth and hella powerful"!
songsu said:
R6 was really nice on cornering, but a little bit heavy. Zx 6 r have a balance weight to power ratio, easy for cornering and the power a little bit smooth than R6. Both bikes are awesome:) I rode these bikes once :)
each bike definitely has its own qualities to it. im not sure if they've ridden the zx 6r or not though so i can only take your word for it haha
i will say riding on the back of them is a lot nicer of a ride than on my 250 since it vibrates a lot more (not sure how to describe this lol) it's nice but i still prefer the roughness of my bike :D
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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