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Name's Casey and I'm a 41 year old guy in the IT industry.

New to the ninja world. Previously rode a standard Honda bike, then moved on to a 1100 Yamaha VStar. Found I really enjoyed longer rides (touring, camping, etc) and the VStar didn't help much with that. Moved up to a 03 BMW R1150RT, which I've had for about 4 years now have put around 11k miles on. A decent portion of that was with my wife riding 2 up.

She decided she wanted to ride and headed off to the DMV. Got her temp license and within a month, went to the local MSF course and passed. Now with her M1, she decides it has to be a Ninja 250. I hadn't had much experience with any real sport type bikes, so after a little searching on Craigslist, we found a red one (it's the fast color she says), I test rode it and enjoyed the hell out of riding it. So it came home with us.

Long story short, that lead to me getting something to tool around with her while she was practicing.... which I found a great deal on a 07 Ninja 650. My riding went well, the wife's.... not so much. She rode it twice and just gave up.... (don't want me to get into that one :) )

So I now ride my 650 and the BMW is garaged unless I'm taking a longer ride (and really only because of the creature comforts like heated grips and luggage).
The wife's 250 is dormant currently, but will be going up for sale soon.

I'm now pondering what to do with the rest of the stable. Thoughts currently are leaning towards the purchase of a 2015 Ninja 1000 or 2015 Versys 1000 and selling the stable I have currently.

IN the meantime, I might do a few more mods to the 650, but am trying to damnedest to hold off.


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Welcome Casey, seems you come with much experience to share. The community is fun spirited and we all try and pitch in. Browse around, post comments you'll see that you're going to like it here. And good call on the pics ... It's a great ice breaker 馃槈

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Welcome. Great pics and a great introduction. Cant wait to see about your adventures etc. if you need anything look around in the search bar then ask if you need help Finding something or just need answers. Welcome once again
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