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Key Features

  • Large clear central gear indicator
  • Fantastic viewing angle with stunning daytime clarity
  • Ultra Bright 7 LED shiftlight array
  • Sunlight enhanced high contrast `TN’ LCD display
  • Battery voltage indicator
  • Quick glance easy read digits
  • User defined backlight colour `cool blue' or `hotrod red'
  • Bar graph type RPM indicator with numerical number
  • 100 Lap memory
  • Temperature indication
  • User defined low fuel indicator
Translogic Products: Digital LCD Display Quickshifter Powershift Race Gauge

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That is the best looking guage I have seen in the 250!
love it!

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You are correct.
No don't do it.....
Don't u enjoy pushing the dumbass buttons on what u got now.....LOL
Dam things shudda come with a better cluster, but........:facepalm::facepalm:
Shudda come with gel seat too...n....a.....:whistling::whistling:
Big anal dildo right in the middle so i don't slide around on them corners.......:dance::dance:
I really hate it when my thong rolls up in my asshair on corners.....


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L1felock said:
anyone else think a gear indicator would be nifty? I often forget what gear i'm in while riding in the city. not sure i like the RPM indicator though

that brings up the question... is it actually important to know what gear you're in?
I have seen many people put gear indicators on their bikes. Some prefer to have a gauge to just look and and tell them, others can just remember. I would say it is important to know what gear you are in just so you know how many clicks you have til 1st gear, but hey I guess if you just keep pushing down until you can't anymore, you will get to 1st gear eventually. So in the end I guess it is just preference.

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