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Hi all,
Thought I'd take a second and say hello. I'm a newbie rider, got my license in early may, and have a 2008 ninja 250R in candy plasma blue, named Jezebel.

I lowered her a couple weeks and plan to be riding as much as possible.

Loving newninja, so many good posts and mod ideas. All these ninja forums have taught me how to lower the bike (and yup, i did it myself!) and given me ideas for other mods I want to do.

Not sure if this is ok to post, but I did a lot of research into riding gear, bike mods, insurance, safety, etc, and a friend suggested I make a site for all the other petite women out there who might be interested in getting into riding.. so i did!

Riding Jezebel

It's not just for petites, i also put DIY info for modifying your bike and doing maintenance, research on BC's private insurance companies, and of course, women's gear (because I had a hell of a time finding leathers). I even linked to this and other riding forums

Anyway, hope it's useful to some of you!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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