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New BikeMaster products introduced for 2013

Multi-tester, Fuel Line Swaging Kit, 7/8” Heated Motorcycle Grips, and Tire and Tube Repair Kit head the list
February 17, 2013

Bike won’t start... Is it the battery? The starter? Or the charging system?
BikeMaster Multi-Tester allows you to test battery voltage, starter and charging system all in 1 electronic package. Hook up and immediately get the voltage and charge percentage. Fire up the engine and see the cranking capacity of the battery. Run the engine and see the charging system voltage. Diagnose battery, starter, or changing system issues quickly and easily!
Part # 15-2141 MSRP: $119.95

BikeMaster® Fuel Line Swaging Kit
Remove and install oil or fuel lines fast and easy! Comes with everything you need to clamp and secure oil and fuel lines. Hose/ line remover, hose clamp tool, and crimping tool included in one kit. Comes with a pack of ten 11mm, 12mm, 13.5 mm, and 15.5 mm size clamps. Economical and precision made clamps hold lines where they need to be.
Part # 15-2173 MSRP: $109.95

Bikemaster® announces the new 7/8” Heated Motorcycle Grips. Introducing the new BikeMaster 7/8” Heated Grips! They deliver heat faster than traditional heated grips, thanks to a highly efficient heating design. With the elegant, open-end construction, they are both stylish and functional, while staying affordable. They have a 5 level temperature controller, so you can avoid any uncomfortable temperatures. The rubber material composing these grips resists the outdoor environment and provides a comfortable and secure grip, even at high temperatures. Two specifications to keep in mind are that they are for 7/8” Handlebars, and they are suitable only for 12V DC Applications.
Part # 101922 MSRP $59.99

BikeMaster Tire and Tube Repair Kit Flat tires on the side of the road happen. With the BikeMaster Tire and Tube repair kit you can get back on the road quickly. Its compact design allows you to store it under the seat so it's always available. Comes complete with patches, plugs, hole cleaner, glue and accessories. Includes 4 CO2 cylinders and an air valve to connect directly to the tire valve.
Part #151507 MSRP: $44.95

To order BikeMaster products, contact your local Tucker Rocky dealer. For assistance locating a dealer call customer service at 877-848-1320 or visit www.bikemaster.com and click on the dealer locator tab. You can like us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/bikemaster.products.

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