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What do you guys think?
the 636 is a very nice riding machine. The zx 6r was made to be a track monster but lacked on the street. The 636 was meant to be a blend of both and my few times on the pilots seat was a great experience. Rides good. Plenty of power comfortable riding position but still needs better forks and a the motor noise is a little louder than I enjoy but it's that way on my zx10 as well

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I think it was Country......then a car jumped right in front of him n Bang.....:facepalm:

I told him not to drive n.....get high...( One Wheel Up).....:whistling:

But that Ghost dude keeps telling everyone to......:eek:

Not listen to me.......:whistling:

Coffee beeped......I'm outta here......:popcorn:

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