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Read before posting

The purpose of this board is for members to share the modifications they have made to their motorcycles.

To post in this section you must;
Have performed a modification and taken pictures of it or,
Be providing a link to pictures or information of a modification.

Questions may be asked about mods posted here, but this is not the place to ask questions about a future mod you plan on doing. Please post these in the 'Modifications Q&A' section. If you are posting pictures of modified bikes/parts please post them in the Gallery.

Topics that do not belong in this section will be deleted.

Thank you,
Chances are they would be against the law while riding... for 'showing' you would have to have a switch that was not accessible while riding. Every state and country has different rulings. Here in Australia, they are VERY heavy on it.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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