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Need serious help!!!!!!!

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So for the last few days ive been working on the 250, plugs, cleaned oiled the air filter and changed the oil. I also installed a koso xrsr and put new bars on it. My problem is after I finished all this up I went to start it and it only fires on one cyl. If I pull the clutch side plug nothing happens (its not firing on that cyl) if I switch the coil it still wont fire or spark on that side so I know its not the coil or wire. Any ideas? When I took the bars off I got carried away and had the choke and throttle cables flew out, I put them back in however im not 100% if its right. The choke dosent seem to do anything if I open or close it. Also does anyone know if their are and wires that go up to the stock gauge cluster thatt I couldve messed up to cause this? Im very confused as to why its only the one side with good coil and new plugs
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Also the coil gets very hot even though it wont spark.
Did you use a plug n play kit for the KOSO? If you are positive that the coil, plugs and wires are OK, then your other problem may lie in the IC Igniter. Check the green and black wires. Also a schematic helps.
No they dont make a plug in play kit for the xrsr sadly. I have two black wires with silver dots and two green wires with silver dots that are identical to what goes to the coils that went to the stock gauge plug but now their not hooked to anything... Ill look into ic ignighter though as well. Thanks
I don't know what the xrsr kit is, I've been out of the game for a while now.

But if the coil on the suspect plug is getting hot and the plug is not firing you have a ground issue or a short. I would suggest looking for an exposed wire.
Can someone tell me where the cdi is? I want to check the ground going to it as I also believe I have a bad ground
The ignition control modual is behind the seat . You should have a black wire and a green wire on one coil and a black wire and red wire going to the other one. There is an engine ground on the right side . Most ground wires are back/ yellow
I have a red and green on one and red and black on the side thats not sparking. Im wondering if a ground went up to the tach or something and I messed it up when I cut the harness for the gauge... Time to investigate..
do you have a manual?
... red and black on the side thats not sparking.
Make sure the black wire is on the black prong of the coil.


No just the owners manual. I have two green and two black wires up front that where on the stock harness, Im gonna try to ground those somewhere and see if it helps.
Okay been studying the wire fiagram for an 08 & the black ground for the tach runs all the way to the ic ignighter... So im assumind if thans not grounded right I would have some serious problems eh?
The coil wasnt grounded so I grounded it making sure I haf the frame sanded to bare metal and all and still no help, any suggestions? im really starting to regret trying to install this gauge.
Anyone know if the harness fron an 09 is the same as the 2011?
Should be the same, there has been no changes mechanically, and there has been no recalls or changes to the electrical as far as I know!

Did you get the fire problem fixed?
I have the same issue on other side, cannot figure it out.
Please help!!!
Yes, but I wasnt able to fix the existing harness. I cut up the hole thing never.found anything so I just got a used harness off ebay for like 50 & used it. And a harness from an 08 will work on an 2011 their just a connector with 3 yellow wires and the connector is diffrent so I had to splice the old connector in and you have to route it on the other side but it does work just took some time. The 08 was just cheaper and easier to find.
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