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need help.

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i am trying to put my radar detector on my bike but i need help planning a coa. i don't know enough about bikes to just go tieing into other circuits but i would like to have it on asap and i would like some input if anyone could help that would be awesome. i went to radioshack today and got a little 12v lighter output and i realized i have no idea what i am doing lol. i wont want to have constant hot just when the bike is on. how do i do this? oh, and i would like to know the size and thread of the bolt holes for i assume diffrent mirrors i would like to use them.

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Well even tho I'm a sparky, my car auto elec skills are pretty poor, so bike skills are almost none. If you have access to a multimeter and can find a main terminal block of some sort, you can take the multimeter and ground one probe on the metal of the bike, then switch the bike to the on position and run the other probe along the terminal block until you find a live one. Then change the key position to ignition, or off, or start the bike and make sure it is the right terminal.

Thats about the best info I can give, if it was a house or hospital switchboard I'd be fine :p

I'm sure someone will be along to correct/improve on this.


thankie for your input, but i still would like to know what bolt size and thread that is for anyone that happens to know it right off.

Well just in case someone doesnt know off hand you could have a look though here.



Hola senor.

heres how to on a r1? idk how similar it is

kinda sorta similar. just slice the power cable for the radar detector into the accessory power cable on the ninja. i guess. sounds simple!
I looked and it just lists a "dummy cap" no dimensions of what screws in there.
what are you guys talking about screws? the stands? i was just saying how he can wire it in
i was looking and i don't see an accessory power output in the fuse box.
maybe you can just tie it into a power source of something that only runs when the bike is on... i cant think of what it would be
I have hard wired a radar detector into a car before but not a motorcycle.

You do not need a 12v lighter output. Take it back and get your money back.

You will want to cut off the 12v adapter from the radar detector. You should pick up some wire splicers at your local hardware store to avoid having to cut wires on the bike itself.

The main thing you need to do is find something to splice into that is only ON when the key is in the bike -- like the ignition. Whatever wires power your dash lights and gauges are what you want to use.

However, on a car battery, even if you mess up and get the wrong wires (leaving your radar detector on 100% of the time), it still wont kill your battery as long as you drive it at least once a week. Not sure how this would affect a bike's battery.
well i just hard wired it into the battery for constant on. but i still would like to know the bolt size for anyone that can help/
Best advice is to remove the bolt in question and take to local ACE hardware to match up.
Um pretty sure u could just wire it from ur battery V+ wich wires to a simple switch, from there u wire it to the lighter and earth it to either the bike or battery negative :D
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