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I removed my right fairing and disconnected the turn signal to remove it completely but when I connected the signal to reassemble the fairing the turn signal doesn't work and the rear signal lights up but doesn't blink. What could cause this?

I need some advice to help fix it cause I don't undrstand why it's acting like an ass, all I did was disconnect it and there's only one way to reconnect it. I'm stumped.

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I think the problem is the turn signal relay, I'm going to replace it and see if that fixes the problem. Until then left turns only.

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Yes, that's what's happening. The right front signal doesn't work at all and the right rear signal stays lit but doesn't blink. The left side works fine.

I read in the manual that if the signal doesn't blink correctly that you're suppose to replace the turn signal relay located behind the left rear cowl but I can't be sure it will work until I get a replacement. I'm looking for possible solutions and ideas for the cause and the fix.

Spooph, I haven't tried that but could. It's just all weird to me. I think it may very well be the wires in the one that isn't lighting up since that's the only one I disconnected.

Q: If one turn signal doesn't work, does it affect the other signal on the same side since they blink in unison? I think it may.

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MadMax, um, let's see how good I am at explaining this.

The left rear and left front are on one circuit.

The right rear and right front are on one circuit.

The "idiot" light on the dash is hooked to both circuits.

I haven't checked this, but I think the relay is also hooked to both circuits.

Meaning, you have you're "left loop" turn signals, and "right loop" turn signals, each loop sharing the "idiot" dashboard light and relay.

The relay works off of a certain amount of resistance, which means it needs both the front and rear turn signals to work in order to flash. If one is burned out, or not connected, the entire system just stays on. Manufacturers design the relay specifically in this way, so that you know when you have a bulb out....

Now that I think about it though, I think I might have seen two relays side by side just behind the battery tray... I'll check and see this weekend when I tear her open again and let you know, if somebody else doesn't get you a definitive answer first...

I highly doubt it's the relay, but an easy way to test is by swapping the front left and rights... You know the left side works, so plug in the right "non-functioning" light, and see what happens....

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Crisis averted. I found the problem, the wires from the right front signal connect were pulled out to where they weren't making a connection. Probably from when I removed the fairing. Everything is working fine now.

Thanks for everyone's help.
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