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need a parts website

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for my ninja 250r.

something that doesn't look hokey.

oh and im looking for a super bike style bike that is between 600cc and 1000cc for under $3K

body doesn't matter so long as it runs and doesn't need frame work done id much appreciate it guys'girls

Make, Kawasaki or suzuki or honda
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spooph said:
um... if you're looking for parts for the ninja I always refer people to www.bikebandit.comhttp://http://http://. If you're looking for somebody to make you a site to sell parts off your ninja - craigslist.com and ebay.com.. :p

And those same 2 sites for your second request too... :p Unless you want to pay me to find you a bike...
no just looking for parts FOR my ninja.

so both have cheap used bikes???

i know craigs list, but haven't had any luck

thanks spooph
spooph said:
audacia, there are other sites out there, but the other I go to a lot is www.ridesafely.comhttp://http://http:// - it's insurance auctions on bikes... Sometimes you can get killer deals. I have a buddy who picked up 2004 Aprilia Tuono for $2200 and fixed up the front, and now has a sweet bike for under $3500.... :p One day I will be buying from this site...

It's tedious work sitting on all the different sites, watching what pops up, but sometimes you get lucky, eh?

Anybody else got sites like these? I think this is what Audy was looking for, but it didn't quite come out that way... Am I right Audy? :p

i been looking for auction sites but no luck to any decent ones that the public can bid in..

thank you <3333333333333333

no not do my dirty work, give me some info on what you use or have heard of that's all kidd chill your cc's
joeRWMN said:
You should look for a RD350. Here.


A guy I know named Dave Perlitch was >|---|< this close to selling me his. I know its a Yamaha, the only brand you didn't want. Laugh at it all you want, but its a 2 stroke and it will blow away many kinds of 600s. He beat the pants off my 2008 zx6r.
haha i had a 2stroke blaster yamaha, it was sweet, i could keep up wtih a 400 4stroke =).

thank you for the link bro =)
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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