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She was built for speed. To run. And every time, she wants to run away with me.

ZX-11 is what everyone else calls her. To me she is Grace.
She is my drug...my mistress.

The night has been good. I have given her new breath. I have given her new fire.
She hasn't had the chance to run this hot for a while.
She isn't as young as she once was, but new breath has stirred something in her.

She is pulling harder tonight. Chasing the darkness as though she could outrun her own halo; cast upon the highway that is before us.
New fire has excited her, but the night is cold -and the ride is hardening.
She needs her sleep, and so do I.

I coax her dark form to the edge of the four-lane highway that is our sanctuary. We are alone here and leave care behind.
I rest my toe gently atop the shifter and my body lifts off of hers.

"No!...please," she screams, writhing under me as I downshift. "Stay with me tonight. I don't want to stop."

She knows...

I speak to her softly. "It's late, Darling, and we both need our rest. We can go out again tomorrow. I promise,"

Sometimes she hears me, but not tonight. If I can just get to the ramp..... we can go home.

"Just a little further, My Love?"
She makes it sound like a question.....but it's not.

She knows....

Silence. The white lines that would lead us into the darkness begin to shimmer through tears.
"Alright, Darling". I whisper, "....just tonight....just a little further...."

She knows I cannot say no to her and I hate myself for it.

I tighten upon her, my wrist snaps over and she howls with delight.



.......I am hers.

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Dude, that was both Amazing.........and a little creepy!! :p

Love your work David!!! You ever write any stories?

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Love your work David!!! You ever write any stories?
Thank you, Zandit. I wouldn't say that I write a lot, but every now and then I get inspired.
Maybe I'll just keep feeding this thread with vignettes every so often.

I know I'm no Charles Dickens, but I also wouldn't want to post pulp for the sake of posting or keeping to some sort of schedule (too much riding to catch up on...).
We'll see. But thanks to all for reading, and for the encouragement.
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