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My take on flush mounts.

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From about 20', I'm hoping you won't even notice when they aren't on. When they are on though, the angle they're at should be perfect for visibility. There are 22 per side, and that was the best looking design I could come up with...

I've bought resistors, and the LED's are orange in color.. I just have to mark out, drill, wire and install the fronts, and I should be able to test them out. I haven't even tried the rears yet, but I like it better than the awkward looking stock turn signals.

So what do you guys think?
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Dude, that is sooooo badass! great work, i cant wait to see it done. wow.
that is a great idea. ;)
Now that IS cool .Cant wait to see it done.
Can't wait to see them on the bike and working! Awesome
looks pretty mean!

as for the fronts, how do you plan on hiding the stock signal location area? you just going to fill it in with body filler?

looking forward to seeing the completed project!
Dude Awesome! I'm digging all these mods! So this is what its like during winter time? I can get used to it!

Sweet tat btw
Good work, you put a bit more effort in than I did :p


i like that its a clean look for the tail but one thing i dont like it looks like them glitter things that girls put on their cell phones you know.... but its still sick ill wait and see what it looks like finished!
Haha, thanks R6s, you ass. Now I feel like a pretty little girl.. :-X

The front stock locations... I wasn't sure what to do with those. I contemplated the kanji for Ninja, and using the sticker to cover the hole... I also thought about the body filler thing, but I just don't know what to do yet. I may try to fill it in with some LED's for a true flush mount setup that would only be good for vehicles seeing it on the side.

Thanks for the compliments guys, I'll keep you all updated. I should have the whole setup running within a week..
Don't worry....we all know that R6 took the second one himself of his phone.
haha no rpob travisy just being honest just my opinion though no big deal no hard feelings, hahaha jester i have the dare i freaking love it!
Hey Travisty have you finished the mod yet? I'd love to see it
LOL..why didn't you mount them in series and cut down some serious wiring :)
randomwalk101 said:
LOL..why didn't you mount them in series and cut down some serious wiring :)
Voltage? Travesty, are those 12V LED's? And yes, Jester, they would be more reliable this way, but I don't think that's necessary the goal, it's just a convenient by-product...
Random: I'm an idiot. This was the best solution to wiring I could come up with.. I tried to think of if I ever had to replace a light, and this seemed easiest.. Just trase the LED and it's wires, yank it and replace with new. I suppose I should have researched it a bit more, but didn't. Hindsight, you know.

Everyone else: Finished the rear, got the wired and installed, and they are bright as EFF! Pretty cool. The one problem I have with it is, because of the tail sections angle, they point down towards the ground (not like directly down at the ground, but at probably a 75* angle). This means that the brightest portion hits the ground, about 3' behind the bike (and a small section hits the tire). Do you guys think this will be a problem? You can clearly see that the LED's are lit when they're blinking, it's just not ridiculously bright like it would be if you were staring directly into the bulbs..

Yeah Spooph, they are 12v's.

Sorry about the super flash exposure... This is just showing what the tail looks like with lights off.

This is the left blinker, no flash.

Right blinker, no flash.

This cleaned up the tail section of the bike SOOO much!! I can't believe how much better it looks. I love it. :)

Also, you can see the Targa license plate lights.. Peace of mind knowing that I won't be pulled over because my plate isn't lit up.
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Very sharp looking. Good eye.
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