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My Photoshop attempt!

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I think i've said somewhere already that I have limited photoshop skills (crap skills), but I had a play while eating dinner tonight, what you guys reckon? I hate the dash on this bike, really plain! But I know it would be hard to make it digital. I need to sleep now, but might try a analog version of the dash to. Looks better I think.


This plus some blue led's in the farings, and black light underneath shining down and black cowl, thats what I plan on doing. Rim stripes might change to white, or silver reflective.


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Ohh and tinting the windscreen to! Plus shimming, airbox mod, sprocket, blue headlights, led indicators front and rear and 12inch areaP full system. Hmmm this is starting to turn into my ute all over again :D I tend to go over the top... but with the ute gone, I'll have to play with something.

At a min I'm going to cover the dash plastic, and add two rocket switches for the show lights. Would love to bring it up to the 21st century with some more stylish gauges tho.


White rimstripes, and that dash really looks nice
aha now i could love some clocks like that!!

but noooo have to go for ye' olde ones -_-
so i guessing they don't but do they make a digital gauge set for this bike?
i dont think they do even if they did it wont be simple.
I know you could get a generic one for any bike and hack a way in for it to work
I love the dash it so sick. Put Reflective white rim stripes on it.
Hah, thanks, I'm working on a different style at the moment, its a whole new pod. GP style guages, just need to work out the fibreglassing. Oh and get the bike.


haha, yeah the bike is a good idea, I like how that looks with the wheel stripes, I might do that with mine!
For him

For her

I got bored at work tonight and did something silly in photoshop. no actually, i mean, i really painted my bike like this.. ... haha

Let me know what u think?????
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On the girl bike if it was baby blue and had a picture of scooby-doo I would by one.

do one of arnalds commando!!
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