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My new ride :)

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Nice! Now the painful break in begins :D


Thats cool! i like those :p
oh yep Alex I am sitting here with a heat gun as I write. Thanks met!
Very cool! I'm still using my in-lines skates, circa 1998. :D
Those look nice! Never been able to skate quad, only inline.
roller derby?
no just skater. Derby fan though, it has become a great sport.
Those look sick! Never knew you could throw so much bling onto skates.... :D
Yaaaaa Old school sis by sises. Turn on the disco light and let's rock ...
roller derby?

'Zartan' even sounds like a derby name... ;D
If i was In derby my name would be
TR's -Bobafella
Spooph's-friend or fae
RacerX-RaZor X

I've never been good at coming up with cool names, especially for myself. How bout you guys pick one for me...don't be cruel...lol
I understand in Navy terminology, surface sailors call submariners Squids, but what do the Subbies call the surface guys? Flounders??!! :p
Update on my new ride... amazing and the breaking was painless. Amazing boots.. only one little blister the size of 1/8th in and a tiny bandaid.
Never before have skates broken in so nicely. The whole combo is wonderful .

Navy Ninja ----hmmmm....hard one... Torpedo, Sinkyoship,
If I send you photo's you reckon you could help me find wheels for my Grandpa's skates?

How old is the arena near you? You reckon they would have old stock sitting out the back? Dad would love to get some original wheels that came out of the factory!

Think he's dreaming though.


There is a good forum with some strong vintage collectors, Albeit you have the pompus know it alls. Somebody is always finding something vintage. but maybe not that vintage. Have him log in [URL]http://www.skatelogforum.com/forums/

but post picts anyway!![/URL]
I rang him and told him to take some pics, he isn't forum savvy so I'll have to do it for him :p

They're pretty nice look skates, just a shame they don't have wheels... don't know if it was the aussie sun and heat that made them decay, or the fact they were over 50 years old :p


1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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