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Well here it is, for those who havent heard, I've traded the 250 in for a ZX6R...

So far;

Love the bike, Brutal fun, handles like the 250 or so it seems, only 10kg heavier I think. Only done 100km, had 2km when I picked it up :p

Couple of pics...

Been a little wet since I picked it up, so havent really scrubbed the rubber in, still plenty big chicken strips :D



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Beautiful bike man, good to hear it handles well. I've been leaning towards a ZX-6 because of the price comparison between a used ZX-6 vs. a New 250R is the same give or take a couple hundred bucks. Nice pictures too, I like how you hid your license number, I soooo would've called it in, screw the $50 phone charge!!! HA!

Now you know you need to video the pipes doing what they do best.
1 - 20 of 74 Posts
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