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Most likely not. Ninja 250's come from the factory tuned on the lean side. This is done to improve gas mileage and to meet emmisions standards. The motorcycle is drivable, but it takes some getting used to and feels guttless under 3000 rpms. (Do FI versions feel like this? I havent driven one...) A simple modification to the carbs can fix this, and make your 250 feel like it should.
Keep in mind if you modify your ninja you could be breaking emmision laws.. :eek:

'Shimming the needles' of the carbs is a simple mod. The tapered needle valve lifts as load / rpm increase, metering the amount of fuel being pulled into the engine. Raising the starting point of the needles with shims makes the engine run much better because it has the extra fuel needed to make power. This is a MUST for any modifications like slip on exhausts.

You can find my instructions on this mod here: http://www.newninja.com/modifications/shimming-the-needles/

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