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I made one the first one and its a great glider ill post pics later

I made my second one last night, well the other day ^.^ i cut it all out and glued it together today. Finished sanding it down to make an air foil and the front produces to much lift or the tail is to heavy. Either way you look at it i need to add weight to the front so i have to wait and get a propeller for the electric motor and get it mounted along with the control board from the RC car that I savaged for parts. As well as 2 servos for steering and altitude control and 2 battery packs used to

1. propulsion motor IE: the one with the prop that makes it go

2. the one that drives the RC car board and the servos.

I went from modding my motorsickle to making planes watch out!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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