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My first track day!

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Well as some of you know it was my b-day last week and my g/f bought me a track day pass. Its at our local track "Queensland Raceway" through a company called Champions Ride Days.


I'm pretty excited, I wont be doing it until jan I think, plus I want to do my advanced road craft course before then. Anyone here had much experience with track days? Any tips, hints, advice etc?


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WEAR GEAR thats my only suggestion.

And one more HAVE FUN!!!!
I'm pretty sure gear is required... haha noob
hopefully you ride the sprint track! enjoy it and run the s*** out of that ninja
be careful :p remember your on a ninja with stock tires as well.. not a 500 fine tuned art piece with tires stickier that a lizards foot.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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