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My custom baby blue!!

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Tarag Fender Eliminator
Puig Dark smoke Windscreen
Dyno Jet stage 2
2 Brothers Carbon Fiber slip on
Phillips flushmount front and rear
Chrome oil cap
Ninja tank pad

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Use the img and /img tags around the links. The tags are in [ ] brackets.


Does clicking on the link not work??
Yeah it works, just thought you might want to have them in your post. Looks good by the way.

In photo bucket you see the 4 different lines you can click on to copy, use the bottom one that says IMG code. Then just copy and paste that into the post.


hmmm, well why is it i put the url in there and my pic comes up???
man f*** that s*** thats why i make videos!
Looking great! thats pretty much all i want to do to mine. Are you in the PDX area?
YA I live in Portland actually and another member just messaged me the other day that lives near by also and wants to go ride
nice, i'll pm you in a couple weeks after i get some more practice in. I'm going to be commuting from aloha to north portland on my bike so i'm sure i'll get plenty!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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