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Hi guys...im new at this forum...
and here i am posting a lots of pic that showing a change each photo captured :rolleyes::whistling:

I buy this new bike august 2010 and riding it since then:p

a change in this n that here's some pic from

metamorfosis dr standar ampe sekarang hehe :D

Fresh From Dealer




1st modd

1st time service and got (1st) scratch from the mechanic who installe the Frame Slider (kinda sloopy :( )

2nd modd after service

change some tire when it reach 500 KM


iPhone 3G GPS

2010 look

lates 2010

modd's are:
- TankPad Keiti
- BT 92F 120/60 & BT92R 150/60 - 17
- Frame Slider Custom
- Yoshi Carbon USA SO
- V-Grill
- Stop Lamp LED
- Fender Elimination
- Custom number plate

and then Next Plan:
X V-grill
X Stop lamp LED
X Fender
X Exhaust
- Colouring Rims
- Single Sitter
(X=done, -=not yet achieve)

maybe another few months planning:
Rear Body set black colour
Footstep Underbone
Bixenon or angel eye

2010 end

2011 - Level 2 Evolution :D

Change The Headlamp into Projector with Angle Eye

The old tire BT92 bout to replace a new one (8 month wearness and the tire wear out)

install yoshi footstep raiser

Got Scratch From cornering in Monas (Jakarta) or some local people call it Monasco at night bcause it's look alike some circuit track. but this one is on the street :s

Got Akra to change my Yoshimura August 2011

New replacement BT016 n BT003

touring 342 Km Round Trip To Ujung Genteng Beach 22nd Oct 2011

with local motor called Tiger it's 200CC 4 stroke

in Ujung Genteng Beach finally got here after 4-5hours ride

on my way Home thru forest

New Rims+Painted


So Far this is it and most of all modd im installed it by myself:thumb:
*except for the lamp-modd n Frame Slider n change tire*

Present modd's are:
- Windshield Bubble Custom
- Projector Headlamp with Angle Eyes
- TankPad Keiti BLue
- Frame Slider Custom
- V-Grill Black
- SwageLine Brake Line
- KNN Open Filter
- Denso Iridium Spark Plug
- Jetting Factory Pro Blue PJ 40 MJ 100
- Akrapovic SO
- Exhaust Slider
- Dark Blue Single Sitter
- Rear Hugger Yamaha FZ-15
- Stop Lamp LED 3in1
- Fender Eliminator
- Custom number plate
- New Rim's 4,5"Rear and 3" Front+repaint
- BT 003F 120/60 & BT016R 150/60 - 17

greeting :D:dance:

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awesome awesome bike really like seeing all the pics, of the changes, well done!
thanks haha

well that photo taken a year from standard to now :p

btw i just had a rough night with my ninja :(

when i pull my bike to 120++ KM/H there's 2 bike who suddenly turned arround their way n cut my way..
I was shocked and i hit the breake n lower the gear as i could to slow down my bike...

but i wasn't enought... the distance was too close.. damn at this time i just couldn't do anything and my rear wheel's was sliding also... but thanks god i didn't hit that stupid "motor bebek"! and that 2 motor had seen me when i am close enought to hit em :s

and oh when i ran with my bike the street was already empty at this hour just a little vehicle that passing in the street.

illustrated scene but imagine it at night this pic is noon LoL :

well a little tip when u came visit indonesia just watch arround the traffic, there's full idiot driving arround using "motor bebek". in here ussualy the motor bebek rider drive stupidly, they ussualy cut u'r way suddenly, or stop at some place suddenly or drive thru the opposite way of the street. :facepalm: the rules in here are not so tight so people driving all they want, but in here wasn't as bad as in India Thx god for that..:nonono:

pic after the near miss "touchdown" :s still fully in 1 piece.. not pieces :s


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22nd Feb 2012

got crash real hard at the twisty road.
what did happened? well my rims got 2 pieces when i was in the middle cornering on that curve road :s i ran about 80Kmh++

the road was kinda steep so it curve+steep road. by time i pass it, my bike already went on the road.. crash pretty bad and got drag about 6meter along with the bike.. but thanks god im wearin all my riding gear. the only part riding gear i didnt use was knee pad. so i've got all my knee dragged on the ashphalt :s

here some pic of it

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