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Ok, I lied it was $36.02.

08 Ninja 250 My 36 Dollar Muffler

My only parts;
  • Fiberglass packing - $19.20
  • 18" of 2" Perforated Stainless Tube - $16.82

This was a weekend project - an attempt to make my own "glass-pack" muffer. They are a simple design; A perforated tube surrounded by fiberglass packing. The straight through design has GREAT flow, and the fiberglass does a good job of keeping the noise reasonable.

I was going to do a detailed step-by-step guide for this, but I used some tools that most people wont have, like a bad-ass bandsaw, and a tig welder.

First I removed the stock muffler.

Then I removed the cover from the back of the muffler, and cut the muffler open with a bandsaw.

The stock baffles slide right out...

I removed the second "cat." It took some time smashing it out with a hammer and chisel.

I machined (with a lathe) a 2.25" Hole in both the sawed off plate and the decorative cover.

This was so I could slip a piece of tubing over the perforated tube to make a tip, and have something to weld to.

Then I cut the perforated tubing to length and wrapped it with the fiberglass packing (also trimmed to fit). I held the packing tight with some painters tape (makes it easier to put into the muffler).

Then I inserted the new "core" into the empty muffler "shell" and welded it back up.

Sanded down any high spots in the welds (Mr. Turblown did a great job...there wasn't much)


This sounds great, and the top end feels MUCH better. I will be shimming the needle valves in the carbs soon to give it a little more fuel, then I will dyno the bike again to see where it made more power (expect all the info to be posted here!). The sound is very DEEP because the muffler is BIG compared to most of the other slip ons, but is the same design.

If enough people were interested, I could start making these. I can't say an exact price, but it would be cheaper than any of the slip ons.

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parkerpaxton5 said:
Is it much louder? Deeper is good, but I wouldn't want a big increase in volume.
It is louder, but not tremendously. I haven't seen any other 250 ninja exhaust in person, but I would bet this one is quieter. The muffler is a lot bigger than two brothers, etc.

I have owned a few bikes, and several pipes. This sound level is what I prefer. People can hear you, but not for miles. I don't think anyone would complain this is too loud, its on the quieter side of most mufflers.
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