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My 2008 black Ninja 250 R

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Some mods i have done :

1. Bridgestone Battlax 120/60-17 (Front), 150/60-17 (Rear)
2. Two Brothers Racing Carbon Slip On + Dynojet 2193 stage 2

3. Carbonized Front Sprocket Cover

4. Motographix Tank Pad

5. Ninja Kanji Stickers

Future plan :
1. 2 Bros header pipe kit (upgrade to full system)
2. K & N Air Filter
3. 43 tooth rear sprocket from Driven Racing
4. 30 steps and programmable i-DTIS (racing CDI from Bintang Racing Team)
5. HEL brake lines
6. Rear Hugger
7. and Fender Eliminator kit

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Looking good!

Go Team black! Bet that 2bro pipe is loud when you start it up in that court yard!


Thanks Felix. And yes. It is loud :D.. I'm gonna add the P1R from 2Bros in my shopping list :).
Nice looking bike !
with these tire sizes being bigger, how does it affect performance ? not only the handling but the power itself. The 150 must fit very close in the rear.
Again, nice clean looking bike.

sick! bigger rear wheel! nice bike hey can you tell us about how that bigger tire feels? lots of people on here think its a bad idea, but we wanna hear for somebody thats riding!
Thanks guys.

in relation to the performance with bigger rear tires, Probably. But for me, it's very little. Almost nothing. My opinion is, as long as you keep the tire pressure on what it should be, then you won't feel any difference. In both acceleration and top end. At least most of Indonesian riders feels the same :). Some of us even change to 160/60 tires.

Here are some pics of the rear tires on Indonesian Ninja Riders with Bridgestone Battlax BT 92 150/60 tires. The black one with Yoshi is mine :).

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Sony what your saying is there is no clearance problem with going to a 50 or 60? any grinding or cutting have to be done? I am very very interested as that is the only thing i dislike about our bikes is the rear tire being so skinny... please let me know asap!!! thanks -Sean
Sean, with 150 tire, no clearance problem. No cutting or grinding. When I took my bike to the tire shop, they just took the stock out, changed the tire, and put back in. Just like any regular changing tire process.

But I'm not sure with 160 tire. From what I've heard, you need to add one flathead bolt to the inner side of the chain cover so it won't touch the tire (wish I knew the terms in english :-[). Other than that, I never heard any difficulties.

skinny bike. Yes. That was my first impression too :)
hey that second bike looks like the stock exhaust from the new cbr 1000.... looks sick! awesome bike the bigger tire looks so much better!
Yeah, nice! I love the exhaust. BTW, what is the top speed with the new rear spocket?
Stanley, changing to 43 tooth rear sprocket is my future plan :). With 2 bros slip on I find it tend to accelerate better but a bit hard to reach top end. Looking at the www.gearcommander.com, says there if you change to 43 tooth sprocket, you will reach 100 mph. Which will be enough for the traffic here in Jakarta :).
Question: whats up with the sticker on the back of yours windshield?? I only see it on a coupld of bikes and not all of them. jw
All ninja 250's look great no matter what you put on it. They will always be a head turner.
Sony, what type of exhaust is this?


maybe its custom.
The CBR is sexy but I hate the new exhaust.

Sony - the pics are great.
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