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i love this bike. this is my first bike i've ever rode, i recently went to the dragons tail. (318 curves in 11 miles.) although this bike is completely stock i plan on upgrading it quiet a bit.

future mods
-area-p carbon exhaust
-rejet kit
-frame slider
-seat coul
-bronze rotor
-bronze calipers
-fender eliminator
-flush mount turn sigals
-wheel stripes (maybe)
-hid kit
-and hopefully more.


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Nice, nice, nice... Welcome!

Great pics, mods look good to! Throw a rejet and HID lights to while you at it :p

That 'Dragons Tail' sounds mental, we have a couple of really good mountain runs over here, but I hear so much about that place, must be really popular, much problems with cops on it?



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yes it's very popular road. i have road closer to home that i actually like better theres 489 curves on 3 mountains i'd pick that anyday over the dragon because it's not as popular and you don't have to worry about traffic and cops as much.

as for the hid's and rejet..thats diffinitely gonna be added.

thanks for the comment,

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