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MRA Motorcycle Awareness Ride 2010 (Very pic heavy!!)

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Hey Guys, just thought I would show you some pics from our ride today. It was the annual MRA(Motrocycle Riders Assosciation) Awareness Ride.
Indie and I left home at about 9am to make the ride starting point at Perth by 11am. We made it with about 10mins to spare, almost 170kms from home.
According to the organisers, there was over 500 bikes there!

Then under Police escort we left Perth and rode just up the road to Launceston. We held up everyone in town and all of the lights were programmed green for us so we didn't lose anyone. we finally arrived in Newnham, a slightly outer suburb of Launceston and arrived at Archer's Manor. There was a show and shine, a band was playing, and a BBQ was underway ready for us when we arrived.

Mine was the only Ninja 650 in attandance, but every other catergory was well catered for.
Sport bikes


Matching pair of Dukes

Crusiers up the wazoo!!

And even a couple of classics

This thing had suicide shift and a left hand operated bar to signal right turns

My mates new white FZ8 naked is in the background there. I didn't even know he was coming otherwise we would have organised a get together.

Plus some others that don't really fit any mould

This Duke was very different, the windscreen pivoted with the handle bars but was separate from the fairings

This one had a safari fuel tank fitted, I reckon it was at least a 30-40 litre tank!

Last but not least, a couple of Nnja 250's

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a load of good pics there zan! always good to see bike meets :)
man zan.. I would fricken' love to be in a ride that large/that diverse. Thanks for snapping all the pics for us, some may be put into 'cut pro for my mac and become my backgrounds to come! My favorite picture in itself, though:

My favorite as in, the next bike I would like to have:


OR very likely, even:

Lookin' great brah!
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Love the pipe on that ZX!

CBR is looking tough as well!

Great pics Zan!


Thanks Guys, glad you enjoy them.

Nice selection in bikes there Blackout, especially the blue 650R!!!!! :p
What was that yellow naked bike? I think on the fuel tank, it say's something like TnT.... ???
Great pics man! That CBR's lights make it look like a pissed off bug!
sweet pics, thanks for sharing Zandito!
Kurt, that be the new Benelli cafe racer...
Some un edited vid from the ride

Quick sweep at end

Awarness Ride 2010 MRA

Waiting for the group to bunch up and ride through the city.

MRA 2010 Awareness Ride
Considering the size of that camera, they come out well!
Great group Zan. Nice to see riders out there for the sake of riders, very important. I like your pics, thanks for sharing.
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