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Motorcycle Cam

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Up guys. I've been researching a lot on these dang cams, just like everyone else incase crap happens it will be recorded. Anyway, I'm not exactly a rich punk but was wanting to get all you guys input on the matter. I don't want to spend a lot, have a pretty decent pic as well as maybe the option to connect an external mic incase I get bored and want to talk. Hell I'll be driving 45mins one way so I'm sure I'll say something. What you guys think?
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I know they are expensive but the gopro cameras are the way to go. I have the contour but it is limited on what you can do with it and the software is kinda shotty. The gopro has lots of mounting options and parts easily available as most stores are starting to carry some accessories as well as the cameras. The gopro support is awesome as well And is compatible with all computers where as the other cameras arent because of the usb 2.0 upgrade etc.
Yeah I was looking at the go pros, the hero3 and crap are up there. Although the hero isn't sell a kidney bad... But that goes back to the pic quality also. I looked at the contour as well but the +2 is the only one that excepts external mics
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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